Vale Richard Sager

We are deeply saddened to share the tragic news that we have lost one of our own.  Our wonderful friend and colleague Richard Sager lost his life in a traffic accident on the 23rd October. 
Many of you have known of Richard through your professional lives – he has been a constant face at all acnem events and training over many, many years with a thirst for knowledge and information. Originally trained as a chef before studying as a Dietitian, Richard went on to complete a Master’s of Science Degree and then his Doctorate where he researched Indigenous Children’s anthropometric measurements and cardiovascular risk. He was also in the final stages of his studies to be a Fellow of acnem, something that he had just come back to recently. All this on top of his role on the acnem Board since 2020!
As well as his deep love of learning, Richard worked in Private practice for almost 20 years, setting up Darwin Dietitians in the NT, which is the largest private Dietetic Practice in the Territory. Richard was always fighting the good fight – for more gluten- free restaurants in the Top End (being a Coeliac himself), for more nutritional food in hospitals and championing the health of Indigenous Communities. He dedicated his career to his patients’ health and welfare, pushing the bounds of “guidelines” when sufficient evidence proved safety and efficacy.
It is hard to do justice to Richard’s many achievements or to properly honour him in a brief message. We have lost our friend and colleague and we are in mourning.  Richard – we will miss you x