George Dimaris

George Dimaris is a well-known compounding pharmacist with over 27 years’ experience. He started his pharmacy career with a Cadetship with Soul Pattinson whilst at the University of Sydney and graduated with a degree in Pharmacy in 1994. He subsequently managed various Soul Pattinson Pharmacies and two Pharmacies in the City, before starting Kingsway Compounding Pharmacy with Karl Landers in 2001.

George and Karl have been associated with acnem and the integrative medicine community for over 15 years and their Kingsway Compounding Pharmacy is the first and only ISO 9001 certified compounding lab in Australia.

As a director of the Australian Society of Compounding Pharmacists, George engages with regulators and stakeholders to advance the compounding profession by providing support to ensure that patients receive compounded medications that are safe, effective and of high quality.

In his spare time, George loves spending time with his family, walking his dog along the Sydney harbour foreshore, playing guitar (not very well, unfortunately!), gardening and going to the cinema.