Rocco Di Vincenzo

Rocco Di Vincenzo is a Consultant Dietitian who has a strong integrative functional nutritional and environmental medicine focus in his private practice and has formal qualifications in this area. Rocco’s focus is on multidisciplinary, holistic, individually tailored, patient-centred nutrition intervention programs and the justifiable, evidence-based, systematic, strategic, purposeful use of pharmaceutical grade, practitioner only nutritional supplements to work in conjunction with GP/Specialist prescribed pharmaceuticals as a treatment adjunct in helping treat the cause of disease and alleviation of patient symptomatology. Rocco has a special interest in addressing gastrointestinal and liver dysfunction and disorders (including NASH/NAFLD), neurological disorders such as depression/anxiety, neuropsychiatric disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), autoimmune disorders and metabolic syndrome.

He worked as a Community Senior Dietitian for over a decade and was the

Swinburne University Hospital Chief Dietitian, the first Integrative Hospital in the Southern Hemisphere. Rocco has completed a Bachelor of Science (Monash University), a Masters in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Deakin University), a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (GSIM – Swinburne University) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Botanical Medicine at Newcastle University. As a result of his training and experience, Rocco is a strong advocate of community development and health promotion principles recognising that failure to invest in social infrastructure to help build healthy communities significantly encourages disease development and progression.

In an effort to improve wider nutritional understanding and empower communities, Rocco has created group nutrition education programs offering supermarket shopping tours, and presentations on a range of health topics of particular community interest enabling individuals to make informed decisions pertaining to their own health.

Rocco has a strong social and philanthropic sense and has committed to pro bono consultations for those in need, particularly children in local communities that do not have the means to be able to access evidence-based complementary healthcare assistance.

Rocco also provides consultations in fluent Italian.

Rocco also established the first Dietitians in Integrative Functional Nutritional and Environmental  Discussion Group for APDs in Australia. The group is now known as the Advanced Medical Nutrition Education Centre (AMNEC) and is convened in conjunction with Associate Professor Antigone Kouris (APD). The group originally sought to support, and guide interested Dietitians in this emerging area of advanced nutritional medicine and provide them with a supportive base from which they can then go onto explore for themselves via accredited institutions post graduate training to confidently develop skills and expertise in this area. Over time, the group expanded to develop strategic alliances with neutraceutical companies, functional pathology laboratories and institutes of functional medicine. If you would like to learn more, please visit