Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine


ACNEM offers postgraduate training in nutritional and environmental medicine for doctors and other graduate healthcare professionals. Alongside individual learning modules, we offer a more formal education pathway that provides practitioners with structured training to gain ACNEM Fellowship. These postgraduate level courses cover key nutritional, environmental and biochemical factors that influence health and wellbeing.


ACNEM Fellowship

Fellowship is the highest level of education recognizing extensive training, knowledge and skill in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. It involves the completion of five core module plus three elective modules.


Why Fellowship?

Industry-recognised training

Gain a thorough understanding of the complex interplay between our health and the environment.

Achieve better health outcomes

Equips you with the skills to apply nutritional medicine theory to your daily practice.

Recognise your expertise

You may use the post nominals FACNEM in recognition of your expertise in the field.

Acknowledge your contributions

ACNEM Fellowship recognises the contributions you have made to further Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Be part of growing community

Receive ongoing support, collaboration and support from the College and a growing community of like-minded professionals.


Check out our FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions relating to Fellowship.
If you have any further questions or are interested to apply for Fellowship, feel free to reach out to us
on +61 (3) 9583 1320 or education@acnem.org


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