Industry Events


Psychobiotics in Clinical Practice

Webinar | 21 February

Managing healthy moods and mental well-being with probiotics. Part of the MediHerb Webinar Series

Endocrine Masterclass

Endocrine Masterclass

Various | 22 February - 10 March

Latest research and advanced prescribing tools for greater clinical results in endocrine health.

Brock Dysautonomia

Dysautonomia with Dr Brandon Brock

Sydney, NSW | 3 - 5 March

A unique in-depth look at the autonomic nervous system.

Brock Paediatric

Paediatric NeuroDevelopment with Dr Brandon Brock

Melbourne, VIC | 10 - 12 March

Paediatric neurophysiology, as well as common neurological, physical, metabolic and immune conditions.

Advanced CAM

Advanced CAM & Pharmaceutical Concomitant Prescribing

Various | 10 - 17 March

Part of the Eagle Seminar Series, Download Flyer.

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Mastering Brain Chemistry

Melbourne, VIC | 16 - 23 March

A training program for medical doctors by the Walsh Research Institute, presented by Bio-Balance Health

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Better Health through Bio-Chemistry

Melbourne, VIC | 18 March

One Day Public Seminar presented by Bio-Balance Health


Prevention of Chronic Disease Forum

Melbourne, VIC | 23 March

Presented by ADMA. Download PDF.

BioCeuticals Research Symposium

BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Melbourne, VIC | 27 - 29 April

Restoring the Balance: Strategies for managing immune-mediated dysfunction.